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Digital Signing Solutions

Based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology, digital signature attached to an electronical document is used to confirm the identity of the signatory, guarantee the integrity of the content of document and ensure non-repudiation by origin of the document. Like handwritten signature, digital signature provides the legitimacy of an electronic document. Besides issuing digital certificates, Tradelink also provides digital signing solutions which integrate with business applications of various natures for supporting digital signatures on transactions / workflows as deemed necessary to meet authenticity and authorization requirements. Business applications with digital signing solutions may include:

  • E-Cheques
  • Role-based workflow approval process
  • E-banking transactions
  • Exchange of legally binding documents online

Solution Highlights

  • Cloud-based or on-premises solution
  • Worldwide legal compliance
  • Support trusted PDF signing


  • Enhance document security
  • Provide legally accepted evidence and audit trail
  • Enable efficient archive of all documents signed electronically
  • Go paperless with digital signatures