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Tradelink participated in several industry events in May to promote TD-Sign and other Identity Management Solutions

6 Jun 2024

To help businesses and organisations navigate the complex landscape of identity management, Tradelink was delighted to participate in three industry events in May introducing our latest digital onboarding and signing solution, TD-Sign, and other cutting-edge Identity Management Solutions.

Tradelink introduced TD-Sign at Aegis Custody's seminar on virtual asset trading

On 6 May, we were invited by a leading cryptocurrency custody solution provider Aegis Custody to speak at its seminar on 'Web 3 Compliance for Banks & Broker Dealers'. Virtual asset trading has become a hot topic in the financial services industry in Hong Kong as the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) recently approved the launch of first batch spot crypto exchange traded funds (ETFs) in Hong Kong. Our team introduced how our TD-Sign Solution, which enables users to remotely apply for recognized certificates for digital onboarding, help banks/brokers meet SFC's Know-Your-Customer requirements to facilitate the trading of virtual asset ETFs for their overseas customers.

Tradelink shared insights on AI application in RegTech at BDO's seminar

On 17 May, we were invited to a panel discussion on "AI adoption, impact, and opportunities" organised by BDO Hong Kong, one of the largest auditing and accounting firms. The event is an event under the Continuing Professional Development programme for members of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Providing insights into AI's applications in the banking and finance sector, our Senior Vice President of Identity Management, Kenny To, explained how AI technologies, such as liveness detection and anti-deepfake, are applied in eKYC and other RegTech solutions to help financial institutions ensure regulatory compliance and offer more secure financial services.

Tradelink CTO demonstrated TD-Sign Solution at Thales's webinar on digital onboarding

On 24 May, our Executive Director and CTO, Andrew Cheng, was invited by our partner, Thales as a guest speaker at its APAC Partner Webinar Series. Presenting on the topic 'Next-gen Digital Onboarding Solutions', Andrew demonstrated how our TD-Sign Solution facilitated individuals with travel documents in online applying Personal (Remote) ID-Cert Class 12 and using the certificates to perform remote onboarding and digital signing of legally-binding documents. Andrew also shared that TD-Sign will extend its scope of service to support global corporates through a new recognized certificate, Organization (Remote) ID-Cert Class 15. The service is expected to be launched in Q4 this year.

2024 has been an exciting year for our Identity Management Business as we launched our pioneering TD-Sign solution for which we received profound interest across various industries. We will continue to leverage different channels to connect with business professionals from different backgrounds and promote our solutions.