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Tradelink participated and received "Digital Transformation of the Year
- Merit Awards" at BUSINESS GOVirtual Expo & Conference 2022

28 Jul 2022

Tradelink was delighted to participate in the Business GOVirtual Expo & Conference ("BUSINESS GOVirtual") which was held from 13-22 July 2022. The week-long event was held both physically and virtually, with the physical expo took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 -15 July attracting over 5,000 visitors, and the virtual expo held on the GOVirtual OMNI platform spanning over a week until 22 July.

We also took part in the BUSINESS GOVirtual Tech Awards at which we competed with other exhibitors and were glad that we received the "Digital Transformation of the Year – Merit Awards" for the Instant Identity Verification solution we provided to Octopus Cards Limited ("Octopus"). Our solution helps Octopus reduce customer acquisition costs with automated account-opening process, while significantly shortening the Know-Your-Customer processing time.

Centered around "Data-Driven Process Re-Engineering for secure and optimized customer experience", themed presentations and demonstrations were held at our booth where we showcased our latest suite of solutions on digital customer experience analytics, external risk scan and e-signing. We were also invited to speak at several sessions of the concurrent conference.

Our Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer, Mr Andrew Cheng, was invited as one of the panel speakers at the SME Growth Forum co-hosted by SME Global Alliance, where he shared innovative tools and solutions which companies could use to overcome business challenges and prepare for digital transformation. Speaking at the Digital Transformation Forum, Mr Kenny To, our Senior Vice President of Identity Management, explained how digital customer experience analytics solution could help re-engineer data-driven process and create frictionless digital customer journeys that power loyalty and business growth.

To help enterprises keep up with the digital landscape amid the development of virtual economy, BUSINESS GOVirtual gathered leading IT companies and solutions providers in the city under one roof to showcase the latest technologies and solutions for social and business engagement in the new digital era. Tradelink was pleased to be invited to join the event to meet other key players in the industry to share insights and explore opportunity for potential collaboration.